Selected Publications

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Vegas, A.J., Veiseh, O., Doloff, J., Ma, M., Tam, H., Bratlie, K., Li, J., Bader, A.R., Langan, E., Olejnik, K., Fenton, P.R., Kang, J.W., Hollister-Lock, J., Bochenek, M.A., Chiu, A., Siebert, S., Tang, K., Jhunjhunwala, S., Aresta-Dasilva, S., Dholakia, N., Thakrar, R., Vietti, T., Chen, M., Cohen, J., Siniakowicz, K., Qi, M., Lyle, S., Harlan, D.M., Greiner, D.L., Oberholzer, J., Weir, G.C., Langer, R., Anderson, D.G. Combinatorial Development of Hydrogels that Mitigate the Foreign Body Response in Primates. Nature Biotechnology. 34: 345-352. 2016.

Vegas, A.J., Veiseh, O., Gurtler, M., Bader, A.R., Millman, J., Pagliuca, F., Li, J., Langan, E., Jhunjhunwala, S., Doloff, J.C., Aresta-Dasilva, S., Weir, G.C., Greiner, D., Langer, R., Melton, D.A., and Anderson, D.G. Long-term Glycemic Control Using Polymer-Encapsulated, Human Stem Cell-Derived β cells in Immune-Competent Rodents. Nature Medicine. 22: 306-311. 2016. (Featured on the cover)

Vegas, A.J. Collaborating Against Cancer: MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Nanotechnology Reviews. 5:273-276. 2015.

Veiseh, O., Doloff, J.C., Ma, M., Vegas A.J., Tam, H., Bader, A.R., Li, J., Langan, E., Wyckoff, J., Loo, W.S., Jhunjhunwala, S., Chiu, A., Siebert, S., Tang, K., Hollister-Lock, J., Aresta-Dasilva, S., Bochenek, M., Mendoza-Elias, J., Wang, Y., Qi, M., Lavin, D., Chen, M., Dholakia, N., Thakrar, R., Lacik, I., Weir, G.C., Oberholzer, J., Greiner, D.L., Langer, R., and Anderson, D.G. Tuning material geometry reduces foreign body immune responses and fibrosis. Nature Materials. 14:643-651. 2015.

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Vegas, A.J., Bradner, J.E., Tang, W., McPherson, O.M., Greenberg, E.F., Koehler, A.N., Schreiber, S.L. Fluorous-based small-molecule microarrays for the discovery of histone deacetylase inhibitors. Angewandte Chemie Int Ed Engl. 46 (42): 7960-7964. 2007 (Awarded Very Important Paper status).